Can spirituality, ethics and business exist together?

wedding3by Mathew Mampra

Is it possible to be ethical and spiritual and yet be successful in business? This is the right time for a deeper process of inquiry in this direction breaking the barriers of conventional wisdom.
The conventional wisdom about spirituality, ethics and business are generally “Business and spirituality just don’t merge and “You can’t really be ethical if you are involved in business.”
But this skepticism, from a spiritual perspective, is welcome and it only invites a deeper inquiry into the relationship between the two.
Spirituality keeps you out from doing many short-term tactical actions that are often wrong for the business and the people. It also gives you immense courage to stand tall against unethical business practices, however tempting it would be. Being a spiritual leader can sometimes be lonely, but you feel happy and grounded inside. It keeps you humble as a leader and yet strong.
The invitation to each of us is to be spiritually awake at work, which quite naturally invites others to awaken to their own spiritual nature. There is a growing a need to teach business ethics in Business Schools as our new generation learns only about the competition and the “art of war” to succeed, from their early School days.
Being ethical in the corporate world may not be a profit booster for short term, but it creates a work environment that is stimulating for employees at all levels and employers. For present day business, only figures matters. The materialistic culture emerging from the mushrooming B-schools hardly sensitize people to think anything beyond salaries, incentives, market capitalisation and profit making. Though many companies talk about value systems and vision, people who stand for ethical practices in business are usually scoffed at and are considered misfits in the corporate world.
It’s true that ethics will not trigger any sudden jump in a company’s revenues but this practice of fair deal creates a healthy work culture, which in turn motivates the employees, spiritually satisfy the employer and help to earn the trust of customers .This would surely bring long term financial benefits.
Spiritual Leadership skills in Business invite you to return to your inner spirit to lead from your deepest life purpose and the intrinsic ethical values that you hold.
When you make the return to your spiritual core, a shift occurs. You tend to think that the work is no longer just a way to make money. It becomes a way for you to leave a legacy of your contribution to others. Let the art of spiritual and ethical leadership in business be your guide as you put your spiritual purpose to work and bring a true revolution to your workplace.

About Mathew Mampra

A moody writer...a research scholar in Management..and a businessman in Bangalore;can be contacted on Id
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