Salute to Sachin

He has carried our nation on his shoulders for 22 years and we are proud that we got a chance to carry him on our shoulders “. We all heard the junior in the Indian team, Virat Kholi, talking about Sachin to visual media immediately after the glorious World Cup 2011 final.
 What makes this man, Sachin, so special and adorable? Well, the answer is…everything about him. He is a perfect role model if you ever were looking for one. He has his head firmly on his shoulders in spite of all his towering achievements. After twenty long years in the game, he still continues to live in a bubble, unflappable and unaffected by controversies and just lets his bat do the talking. Sometimes this makes you wonder – how is this possible?
All of us as individuals need to look at the lives that such individuals lead. Sachin’s life has been a primary model of success and how to achieve that success by moving ahead on the right path and inculcating the right values in ourselves. He is passionate about his game, enjoying every moment of his profession. His dedication, hard work and sincerity towards his game make him to deliver success consistently and, therefore, he is not only successful in his career but he is at top in his social life and family life – yet down to earth. He respects his family, game, country and his fans. He is honest and loyal to cricket, country, his fans and to his own family.
A young prodigy, he began playing cricket at the age of two with his grandma in the family’s backyard, using a broomstick for a bat. As he grew, he began playing street cricket with the neighbourhood children. Tendulkar began playing cricket as a toddler and at age of sixteen was selected to play for India’s national team. He is a youth icon in our country, where he lives modestly even though his income from endorsements etc., have made him one of the world’s wealthiest cricket players. Sachin Tendulkar is one person capable of bringing this whole country to a standstill. When he plays, roads are empty, shops are shut and everyone is in front of a television set.
When Sachin is batting against Pakistan, the Indian television audience exceeds the population of Europe! He handles fame and adulation with such ease and still firmly keeps his foot planted to the ground. Such is the greatness of the man. The pressure he has had to handle over the years is unimaginable! He has had to carry the hopes of his entire country on his shoulders for two full decades and he continues to do so. For a person, to whom anything less than a century is considered an ordinary score, the expectations are ridiculously unrealistic. Still, he does not disappoint on most occasions.
And the last word..I am not a cricket fan and rather a decrier for the over importance it receives over other games such as hockey and football. I like only the last five minutes of the one day match and more happier if it is the shorter version, 20-20.But I have to confess that I am a fervent fan of this master human – Sachin. This blog is to salute this great human being – SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.

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A moody writer...a research scholar in Management..and a businessman in Bangalore;can be contacted on Id
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