My new year thoughts

New Year wishes from Mampra to all
Looking forward for a better year ahead…..better than all the years passed in our life
I wish you
1.An year of :-
• living together…
• sharing together with equity…
• patting the deserved instantly….
• trusting each other and being trustworthy
• supporting each other without expecting undue return
• helping each other in bringing up children and their formation
• doing exercises regularly and leading a reasonably healthy life
• respecting each other on their strength and helping to tide over their weakness…..sincerely
• jealousy
• the fear of telling the truth when needed
• the fear of promoting others in public
• the fear of arguing for deserving others who promoted us
• ditching each other even with a whisper…..
• celebrating failures and set backs of others …..
• telling a lie or twisting the truth among us to win an argument.
• running away from the responsibility of correcting each other for the fear of being badged as a bad guy around
• having a stiff &lost feeling in genuinely congratulating others for their achievements
• hesitation in sharing the failure stories also along with success ones for the benefit of others.
• getting tired of genuinely involving to support people who have some areas
of improvement

Hope you agree with my new year thoughts.
I am writing this to ignite & reinforce this thoughts in me first and then to others…..
Once again wishing you a bright year ahead with a WIN-WIN relationship.
warm regards

About Mathew Mampra

A moody writer...a research scholar in Management..and a businessman in Bangalore;can be contacted on Id
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